Proof- Spring is Coming!


Proof- Spring is Coming!

TGIM! That’s “Thank goodness it’s March!” I’ve been getting a bad case of the Februaries. You know, that grumpy, restless, winter will never end feeling? It’s not as if I live in the frozen tundra. I live in Alabama and have yet to see barely anything you could call snow this year. But, all the same, Spring can’t come soon enough.

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Excitement is Subjective

Image                                                                                                                                                             This picture is not worth 1000 words… because you don’t know what you’re looking at! I’m excited and I’ll tell you why. This is my painting (in progress). This is my painting stuff. This is not my painting studio. This is my kitchen. Still not excited, huh? Let me explain.

I’m really big on the idea that work begets work and creating breeds more inspiration, etc. It also seems to me that people manage to make time for the things that they really want to make time for. (I think that last sentence was grammatically wrong. Forgive me.) Anyway, lately I have not been practicing what I preach. I’ve been feeling very uninspired. I’ve dragged myself into my studio hoping to lose myself in my painting, only to realize that I’m hopping up over and over to do some forgotten household chore or check my email (as if I ever get anything THAT urgent!). Then ended up feeling a strange mixture of frustration and relief when my little girl’s nap is over and thus my painting time has ended. I’ve griped that I haven’t had time to paint when, in reality I was just wasting the little time I had.

Today, though, I decided enough was enough! Out of my studio where lately I’ve felt isolated and down. Into my kitchen. And guess what. The change of scene did wonders. Not only for my attitude, but also for my painting which, after some concentrated attention, looks like it may turn out nicely after all. Here’s a close-up (with a little too much light on it. Turns out the kitchen is a better place for painting than it is for photographing paintings. Oh well. Can’t have it all):


Remember- It’s still in progress!

What about you? Any simple change make a big change in your attitude lately? Any changes need to be made? Just do it!