New Season, New Inspiration


I have been LOVING the weather here! Yes, spring in Alabama means pollen galore, but it also means pretty weeds that I like to call art. 🙂


I’ve been Spring cleaning my house, revamping and cleaning my studio (more on that HUGE undertaking soon) and, without even realizing it, cleaning up my paintings. My craving for open space and simplicity has carried over into these tiny paintings I’ve been doing, inspired by daily jaunts in our backyard with my toddling co-explorer.



Proof- Spring is Coming!


Proof- Spring is Coming!

TGIM! That’s “Thank goodness it’s March!” I’ve been getting a bad case of the Februaries. You know, that grumpy, restless, winter will never end feeling? It’s not as if I live in the frozen tundra. I live in Alabama and have yet to see barely anything you could call snow this year. But, all the same, Spring can’t come soon enough.

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