Studio Re-Do, part I

“Grumble grumble grumble.” That was a brief synopsis of my mood and thought process whenever I walked into my “studio.” It was a room that I had never really crafted to be my own or even to function well for my purposes, but rather a room that I moved to out of necessity because it was there and I had decided our baby needed the backyard view that my former studio afforded. My various supplies and paraphernalia basically landed where my 8-month-pregnant self, fueled by nesting energy, had managed to drop them and had pretty much stayed there. I had made a few attempts to re-organize and re-arrange, but it felt hopeless. So, a complete overhaul was required. Here’s a before picture.


Don’t judge!

Eeek. Cramped. Dark. Cluttered.  Have I also mentioned that it serves as a home office and dogs’ bedroom as well?

The first thing I did was pick out a paint color. I wanted something cool, light, and most of all, calm. I’m kind of obsessed with the moss and lichen that grow on the trees in our yard (I actually have bits of fallen bark that I’ve collected all over the house). So, I turned to nature for inspiration and matched the paint to the lichen on this beautiful little piece of bark.


“What happened next??” you ask. Well, I painted it. But that’s not all! Stay tuned for the next exciting installment!

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